Our Story

Doing things the Right Way

Big Ideas for Big Cannabis

The Big Idea

On November 2013, our founder John Kaweske, was approached by a investor from the Health Care Industry with an idea to build the biggest cultivation, extraction, and retail operations in Colorado. From that meeting John took that big idea and drafted a plan to build what would become Nuvue, the largest facility at the time, located in Pueblo, Colorado.

The Next Step


After building the biggest cannabis facility in Colorado, John embarked on his own into the vast new horizon of opportunities in the rapidly expanding Colorado medical cannabis market; his goal, to build an even bigger enterprise after his newfound success and experience with Nuvue. In 2015, he founded TweedLeaf in Colorado Springs, Colorado. He wanted a company based on equal respect for patients and employees. A company that was based on professionalism, honesty, and integrity. A company where the three tenets; Best quality, best price, and best service, would be the driving principles behind the entire organization.


A Passion for People


Starting humbly from one dispensary and a warehouse that was converted into an indoor cultivation facility, John set out to create a business that brought to life amazing cannabis that made a difference in people’s lives. He set out to assemble a team of the best people in the young cannabis industry that he can find. He refused the loose and informal status quo of how cannabis companies were being operated at the time. Instead, he quietly focused on doing the right things with people who will follow his vision and leadership of “doing things the right way”. This focused approach led the company into a path of unprecedented success in a highly competitive marketplace, and from there, allowing the company to expand outside of Colorado.


A Vision That Works


Today, John’s founding culture continues to inspire us at North Star Holdings. We aren’t perfect, but we strive to do the right things. Our ethos and values have expanded beyond our Colorado borders and we’re now on path to build one of the largest cannabis enterprises in the county. Best of all, our talented teams are now providing our quality cannabis product to even more patients across multiple states, and we believe that the best chapters of cultivation history have yet to be grown.

North Star Holdings, Inc.



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